Why Selfcare on Sundays Cares About the Beauty Industry

Hi! Welcome to Selfcare on Sundays! The SOS blog aims to showcase brands, products, and influential individuals in our communities. To start, thank you for being a part of something by learning about what community means to our brand. By having similar interests and goals, we can all take part in helping one another feel connected to self-care and unique beauty at a global level.


Selfcare on Sundays strongly supports self-expression and the importance of mental health education. Self-care means showing up for yourself. How? We do not have the exact recipe, but we want to help you get there. Taking the proper care of your mind, body, and soul can be discouraging at times, and we could all use some inspiration occasionally. We owe it to ourselves and our communities that inspire us to showcase art and education in a safe environment inclusive to everyone.

Showcasing Brands - Selfcare on Sundays

Why would Selfcare on Sundays share a brand? Existing and new brands have something in common: opportunity. Beauty brands often look for new models, product testers, photographers, and more! We want to help shine a light on those looking for support simply because we love what they stand for while offering quality products.


Showcasing Products - Selfcare on Sundays

Selfcare on Sundays reviews products! We have thoughts, comments, questions, and concerns about the products available in today's market; let's talk about it! Product reviews are always honest and based on sensitive combination skin. If SOS shares a product review, we have tested it for over a week unless an allergic reaction occurs. Transparency is essential in reviewing products to keep each other safe and cared for. Keep in mind that all product reviews posted are opinions. In a world where beauty and cosmetics are on the rise with so many options, we share products we want to showcase for several reasons, but Selfcare on Sunday's goal is to help you decide what to use for yourself.


Showcasing Individuals - Selfcare on Sundays

We all started somewhere. Selfcare on Sundays proudly showcases individuals who have inspired change in the self-care, wellness, and creative industry. Individual expression means celebrating the traits of unique people and leaders in our communities that deserve recognition. To partner with SOS, please reach out: to beautyandselfcaresundays@gmail.com


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